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Over decades and through seasons, great landscape design only gets better as it matures. Expanding, developing,eventually evolving and surpassing the original intent.

For 60 years Donovan,Feola, Balderson and Associates has preserved the delicate balance of modern aesthetics while protecting the historic integrity of our nations capital. Always moving forward yet never disrespecting the past, we offer the latest innovations in sustainable and eco-friendly compositions.
Our residential concepts offer more intimate landscapes for the discerning clientele. Whether it’s a small supper or a glittering gala, DFB designs always allow one to create the appropriate ambiance. No matter the scale of the project, DFB will honor T.D.Donovan’s vision by enhancing the design potential which nature has already provided.

Thurman D. Donovan
A sliver of mountain man, a slice of cowboy, and a whole slab of scratch golfer. Also known as renowned landscape architect, Thurman D. Donovan.

A true lover of nature, he possessed an adventurous spirit and a prolific talent. Those traits, along with the inspiration he took from the great outdoors allowed him to to forge a cohesive vision.

In 1955, T.D Donovan & Associates was born and the symbiotic relationship with his surroundings continued and blossomed. Whether accepting an award from the First Lady or roaming the hills with his beloved Susie the dog , T.D. Donovan never ceased to be influenced and energized. His was an ability that brought forth elegant, sophisticated landscapes, reflective of the living union between people and place. T.D. may be gone, but his ideals and respect for the land are influencing and enhancing our environment to this day.

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DFB & Associates, Inc., now a part of Intreegue provides Landscape Architecture and Site Planning throughout the Mid Atlantic United States. We are located in Laytonsville, Maryland and our breadth of service includes clients in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore Metro Areas; Great Falls, Mclean, and Upperville, Virginia; Annapolis Easton, Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland.

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